Friday, 20 April 2007

Radiator Replacement

With the car nearly 20 years old we expected some of it's mechanical parts to be a little under the weather. However, neither of us were expecting the state of disrepair we found the radiator to be in when we bought the car; it was riddled with corrosion and refused to hold nearly any water.

The radiator when we bought the car

We decided to leave the expensive replacement for as long as possible but unfortunately the time for action came after a recent drive to Buxton. On the way the engine temperature gauge peaked and steam billowed from under the bonnet, after a quick inspection the pressure inside the radiator had blown our coolant reservoir clean away and any remaining water was rapidly evaporating. The time had come for a replacement radiator.

A quick ring-round and £70 later we had ourselves a brand spanking new one and as we had quickly come to learn doing anything to this car is a bitch - and this job did not let us down; we managed to shear 4 bolts off the supports! But after a long hard afternoon we got her in, see the finished product and other pictures of the replacement here.

The new installation

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Jamie said...

Wise choice to replace- ours blew up in the Azeri desert, and I broadsided a Lada pulling in to a garage to get it fixed...