Wednesday, 17 January 2007

The right car for the job

The car of choice for our trip to Mongolia is the Suzuki SJ-410. The SJ is a mini-SUV, 4x4 introduced in 1982 and constructed in Spain. After many weeks of e-baying we managed to find a suitable candidate and after an intense bidding war we were set back the princely sum of £460 for the SJ which we have affectionaly nicknamed 'Shaznay'

So what have we spent our hard earned cash on?

Make & Model: Suzuki SJ-410 soft-top (Converted to hardtop)
Year Of Production: 1982
Engine: Straight 4, 970cc producing 45bhp
Max Speed: 68mph (With tail wind)
Mileage: 60,000
  • Big, clunky 5 speed gear box
  • A speedometer that gives an approximation, at best, of our actual speed
  • Vague sense of steering - a little like a tractor
  • Limited visibility through the rear on cold days due to lack of rear heated windows

The car in her original condition

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