Friday, 9 March 2007

Please Help, Sponsor Us!

With raising money for our two charities, funding the car, visas, petrol and all the odds and ends along the way we are looking for sponsorship to assist us in order to make the 'Crusade' possible!! Here are just some ways that you could help:
  • Financial Backing
  • Vehicle Parts & Equipment
  • Technical Expertise
  • Garage Facilities
  • Labour Time
  • Publicity
What we can do for you
  • Advertising space on the car, which will be in and around Newcastle, Nottingham and Macclesfield in the months leading up to the rally, 3 densely packed and populated locations.
  • Between the two cities there is a student population of around 90,000 providing exposure to a massive number of undergraduates.
  • Raise company profile in the UK and in destinations along the route
  • Raise company profile through media exposure of the rally and the team through newspapers and money raising events.
  • Association with the rally, the charities and other sponsorship partners
The Mongol Rally is a fastly growing phenomenon especially among university students, it is something different and a great chance to make a difference to people who are greatly in need of help and are often overlooked.

If you want to get involved whether through finance or in kind then please get in touch.

Chris Royle & John Gallant

(07894) 817 657

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