Sunday, 11 March 2007

The Mongolian Adventure Team

Legend has it that at the dawn of time in a place far far away there were two bored souls looking for some excitement and adventure, together they had all these wonderful ideas of greatness and success. So they put their heads together and created............The Universe.
Well now their back again and looking for the next big thing, so who exactly are the two courageous adventurers about to embark on the epic crusade that is the MONGOL RALLY!

John Gallant, 21. 4th year Physics Student at Nottingham University. Home town of Macclesfield.

With this being John's final year he is eager to spend his last summer doing something more than working himself to death working in an office at home. Queue: Mongol Rally!

Chris Royle, 20. 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Student at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Having studied all things mechanical for 3 years now, Chris has decided he is ready for the greatest engineering challenge yet; Keep a clapped out 20 year rust bucket going for 9000 miles over some of the worst terrain ever. Chances are he will fail but it will be entertaining to witness!!


ABZINTHE said...

haha cool. u guys are funny.

FeersumEndjinn said...

Nerve racking waiting for a place isn't it? We don't think your SJ's done enough miles to be considered crap, get another 20k on there before july!