Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The Supported Charities

The Mongol Rally is all about raising money for charity, last year the Mongol Rally organization was able to donate an astonishing £200,000 and this was only possible through the hard work of the participating teams. This year the organizers have raised the bar and are aiming for the £250,000 mark and to help them achieve this goal it is our expectation to raise at least £1000. This money will be donated to our two chosen charities; Mercy Corps Mongolia and Hope and Homes for children.

Mercy Corps Mongolia supports rural communities to meet their economic and social needs, helping individuals, families and communities to become more self-sufficient, diversified in their production, and better linked to local, regional and national markets. Over the past five years Mercy Corps Mongolia has established a strong reputation across the vast Gobi region, and continues to work with business associations and local organizations to ensure a robust economy that preserves ancient traditions.

Hope and Homes For Children work in countries including Romania, Ukraine, Kosovo, Belarus and Moldova/Transdnistria, focusing on closing down the state institutions and removing children from the terrible conditions in these centres. The children are reunited with siblings, and where possible placed with their biological families. Other children are relocated to small family homes, which provide them with a loving, stimulating environment enabling them to reach their full potential. Other projects include the first Mother and Baby Unit in Ukraine, Residential Family homes in Kosovo, and the Rehabilitation and Resource Centre in Transdnistria, which provides a short-term alternative to institutional care whilst the child’s long-term individual needs are assessed.

Our aim is to raise £600 for Mercy Corps Mongolia and a further £400 for Hope & Homes for children. If you would like to help then please donate to either our principle Charity, Mercy Corps or our additional charity Hope and Homes for children using our Just Giving donation pages linked below.

By donating here you will be helping us achieve our £600 target for Mercy Corps Mongolia.

Alternatively by donating here you will be helping us achieve our £400 target for Hope and Homes for children.

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