Tuesday, 24 April 2007

A learner no more!

After hundreds of pounds learning to drive with 3 instructors, the failing of my first test and only 88 days to go until launch of the Mongol Rally I have finally passed my driving test!

It got a bit hairy after failing my first test and I began wondering what if I didn't pass before July and Chris had to take on the 9,000 mile drive solo. But all is now well and July 21st could'nt come sooner.


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Jamie said...

Hail Rallyers!

Congratulations on securing the test! I passed mine on the day of the Rally last year, and had to sprint across Dorchester (near coronary on first day not a good look!) to grab the International Licence. 22 short hours later I found myself on the Nurburgring. Most amusing. Our SJ was an absolute delight (her 15 previous owners had'nt treated her too well) and we encountered major problems every 500 miles or so... Which is surprisingly enjoyable (hindsight talking!) and the discreet pleasures of slow travel (55 mph average, 5 in Uzbek desert) in such a beast can only be heartily increased by going topless. Anywho, best of British luck, and drop me a line if you need any advice... Feast your eyes on some of our efforts last year, here:

Our old website is http://uptheproverbialcreek.googlepages.com/

AS you will see from the video, we meet a rather sticky end in Kazakhstan. Drive safely!
- Jamie

Jamie said...

That video link, in full...