Thursday, 12 April 2007

Shaznay goes hill climbing

With our brand new paint job completed, we thought it was about time we put Shaznay through her paces so we set off with our good friend Pat in tow and headed out into the sunny hills. After a tip off from our local Vicar; Taffy, we set off in search of a rough country track in the middle of no where.With large pot holes, muddy pits and pebbly tracks in mind we were very much disappointed to find only a slightly rough tarmaced road, a few cattle grids and a whole flock of sheep.

So we left quickly and headed off towards the infamous Macclesfield Forest. Acres of dense tall trees, muddy tracks and ditches would be perfect for our needs but alas we were foiled again, no where could we find an open gate to let us in!!

With a last ditch attempt, we headed up to the local wildlife station 'Teggs Nose' in the hills overlooking Macclesfield, where there was a small track heading down a steep hilll to a picnic area just on the edge of a cliff, one or two ideas sprung to mind and this is what happened next..............
(There is some very slight swearing in this video, which i blame on the camera man. If you are easily offended; our apologies and watch with the sound turned down).

I would like to point that the video doesn't give the rather large rocky climb at the bottom of the grassy slope justice, it was extremely steep. Not to mention that there is a near vertical drop of a few hundred feet to the left of those picnic benches. Anyway after I had had my fun, John and Pat decided to join me for the second round and this is what happened......

More off road adventures to follow shortly!!!

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Millsy said...

just found out your doing the mongol... really jelous. me and mark backler were planning on doing it 2 years ago in an SJ, but couldnt get a space in the rally.
good luck,
rob mills