Monday, 23 July 2007

Day Zero

We set off from Macclesfield on the Friday and headed down for the evening in party in London. The journey down was a complete nightmare, I started off by reversing into a wall in Congleton and consequently knocked out our rear left light cluster. Resulting in no left indicator (good old fashion hand signals have been the key there) and not left brake light. Next we reached the M40 and the flash floods that had caused a landslide in Warickshire, we were forced to sit in traffic for nearly 3 hours covering only 10 miles or so! And to cap off the journey - when we arrived in London Chris admitted that he hadn't got the instructions that took us from the M40 to the party! We ended up being navigated across the phone and finally made the party many hours later.

We drank the night away, found a few other teams on our route, met Jack Osbourne and ended up crashing on a hotel floor in Tower Hamlets with a couple of Jo Randoms we had met that night.

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