Monday, 23 July 2007

Day 1 - Hyde Park

The day of the launch was upon us and after a quick very early tour of the sights of London we made our way to Hyde park for the launch event. A few hours passed, many crappy cars had arrived and the event was in full swing. We registered and started wandering about to meet other teams, we found lots of fellow SJ drivers - which I am sure will be useful in the future weeks - and many other cars inc. Micra's, Polo's, 2CV's, Rascals and many more!

After some slightly disturbing Mongolian folk music we where called to our cars ready for the leaving procession - where we drove out and after following the SJ next to us got hopelessly lost in London again! After several hours stuck in traffic down old kent road we eventually made it out to the M20 and to Folkestone where, with absolutely no security or passport checks, drove straight onto the Euro Tunnel. Half an hour later and leaving a wet and miserable England behind we where in a very sunny France ready to cover the 700 miles to Prague. With Chris at the wheel we managed to tackle the wrong side of the road, executing roundabouts and left turns (with no indicator) with true British precision.

We drove solidly into the evening and made our way into Belgium, where at around 9 o'clock we called it quits and camped up in a random village just west of Brussels. Tomorrow was the final push for Prague.

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