Saturday, 31 March 2007


A few weeks ago we found that our fuel tank had hole and we soon deduced that anything over £8 of fuel would cause it to leak over the drive. Now after weeks of infuriating £5 fill ups we finally got around to doing something about it.

With our trusty Haynes manual to hand we set about removing the tank - a job that I wish never to do again - and finding the leak. 20 years of corrosion have not been kind to us and a 40 minute job took us the best part of a day while we battled with corroded bolts and worn fuel lines. After removal we filled the tank with water and found the little blighter on the wall of the tank.

With the hole located we applied a generous helping of liquid metal to the area, hopefully sealing petrol inside the tank. With the rusty tank repaired we went about fixing it back onto the car - again a bastard - but it went on. We then held our breath, put some fuel in and turned her over. Bellowing out plumes of smoke she started first time and after a subsequent visit to the petrol station is holding petrol.

Water & petrol make cloudy exhaust fumes!

Job well done - until we realised that in our haste to remove the tank we failed to spot the order in which 3 electrical connectors attatched to it - resulting in a consistently lit fuel warning light. If anyone has any SJ experience and can help us with this please contact us at

Photos of the trials and tribulations of the petrol tank removal and installation can be found here.



lovely page, blessed,c ya

matt said...

After reading that post and its numerous references to petrol tanks, liquid metal and electricity, all in close proximity to eachother, I'm wondering if you're going to make it to the starting line, let alone the finish ;P
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