Friday, 6 April 2007

A clean shave

When we bought the SJ, we were informed that it once upon a time in its life it was a soft-top and that someone had converted it to a hardtop using a a bespoke kit.

With the warmer weather finally setting in we decided to return the car back to its former glory and remove the plastic roof - half an hour or so later, with some slight 'modifications', we have ourselves a topless SJ! See photos of the glorious event here

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Fel J. Cruz said...

Congratulations guys on your successful entry into this year's Mongol Rally! I'll be entering a 1991 Geo Metro that I bought for $500 USD for the 2008 rally. I'll spend the next year running the media blitz juggernaught to garner sponsors and support for our trip to Mongolia. I'll be following your progress and hope that you'll share your tips with me as I prepare for the greatest adventure on the planet. Have a look at my blog and website to see how I'm progressing so far. Best of luck to you two and think of me when you're having that pint of beer at Dave's in Ulaan Baatar!
Fel Cruz