Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Pimp my SJ

With 3 weeks to go now and piles of kit are beginning to form in our respective houses, thoughts have turned to how exactly we were going to fit it all in the back of Shaznay. We began by removing the two back seats which revealed a massive floor space, we were keen to keep the back of the SJ well organised on our trip with different sections for food, kit, tools, water and fuel. We decided to get down to the local DIY shop and purchase some chipboard.

We then set to work with an assortment of power tools, and the good old Black & Decker Workmate and began creating a masterpiece. Within only a few hours we had the beginnings of our storage unit.

We have boarded across at the level of the wheel arches leaving us space underneath for a sliding in crates of tools, car spares, tents and other heavy things. This means they are well out the way but can be accessed easily when we need them. Above we now have a flat surface for the rest of our stuff, here we will have on one side jerricans, fresh water and radiator water containers with bungee cords to tie down. On the other will be our own personal kit, food and everything else.

We have put in partition at the front to stop things hitting the back of our seats and we have also created a shelf behind the seats for general bits and bobs for when we are driving

Obviously, the home cinema entertainment system, hot tub, mini bar and tennis court will be fitted at a later date once we have both agreed on the exact layout!

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