Saturday, 3 February 2007

Another Leak!

The fuel tank remains un-repaired, it has stopped leaking though. Mainly due to the fact there is very little petrol in the car.

However things have just gotten a little worse; while on a trip to Halfords to get the stuff needed for the fuel tank repair I decided to check the oil level in the car and I found to my dismay that oil has appeared, well, pretty much everywhere under the bonnet. After some time under the bonnet and a few rags I managed to clean up, though the cause of the leak is far from known.

She runs fine with no lack of power etc, so I am going to leave it and keep an eye on it! I am just praying that it is not a blown head gasket. From the forums I have been reading one user describes the job of changing the gasket as a ' bit of a pregnant dog' so I hope for the best.

The engine block, after a quick rag-down. What a beauty!

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